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Wyld CBG Gummies

What is CBG?

CBG is a minor cannabinoid. It can help with inflammation, gut problems, energy, anxiety, and focus.

I've been a big fan of the Wyld 2:1 (CBD:CBG) gummies for a while now.

After a suggestion from a follower, I decided to try the medicated version of these gummies. I grabbed the 1:1 THC:CBG gummies at Apco a few weeks back.

Let's start with the non-medicated version.

These are a must-have!

Wyld CBD - Pear

20mg CBD : 10mg CBG per gummy.

These gummies are soft and sugar coated. They have a good taste, and a slightly bitter aftertaste. The aftertaste is not overwhelming, but it is notably there.

If you or a loved one struggles with focus or anxiety I highly recommend these!

For me, I can use these interchangeably with my daily CBD dosage. They allow me to focus, remain less stressed, and relaxed.

This is a great product to use during the day. It doesn't make me sleepy or groggy at all.

Rating: 5/5

Now let's move onto the medicated version, shall we?

Wyld - Cannabis-infused Pear

10mg THC : 10mg CBG per gummy.

The first time taking this product I took one gummy. In comparison to the CBD version, these have a more bitter aftertaste that lingers for longer.

I started to feel these set in after about 45 minutes. One whole gummy proved to be just a little too much for this "cheap-date" stoner. I did end up having mild anxiety. Overall not terrible, but also just a little more medicated than I wanted to feel. The next time I only took half of a gummy. This was a better dose for me. I barely felt medicated at all. I felt relaxed, uplifted, and ended up cleaning a good portion of my house. On the half-gummy dose, it didn't really feel "high" as much as I felt relaxed and motivated.

Rating: 3.5/5

I would say these are worth trying, especially if your tolerance is a little higher than mine. It is hard to find good products that contain CBG.


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