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Earn $5 in points for every blog post published.

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    The Tulsa Weed Review is looking for contributors of all tolerance levels and modalities. Do you want to share your medicating experiences with others? 
    Our goal with the Tulsa Weed Review is to give readers an insider take on how to navigate the medical marijuana scene in and around the Tulsa area. 
    Everyone's experience with each strain and product is different. That is why we are dedicated to sharing our individual experiences to help educate others. 
    How to Submit a Blog Entry
    1. Write down (in blog style) your personal experience with anything cannabis related in Oklahoma. Be as  specific as possible in strains, dispensary of purchase, modality of consumption, and the processes you use. 
    2. Include  AT LEAST one picture to accompany your post. Picture must be taken by you, or you must have permission to use it. 
    3. Submit via email to
    • Include in email
      • Your name as you would like it to appear​ (or specify by anonymous)
      • Your tolerance level, and favorite modality
      • Your blog entry,
      • Accompanying picture(s)
      • Any links that will help tell your story or to send people to specific products
      • Any social media links or websites for readers to follow you
    Not all submissions will be chosen to be added to the site. If your contribution is chosen you will be notified via email before publication. You will receive $5 in points for every PUBLISHED blog entry. 
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