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Mittie's Medicinals Refresher

A couple Fridays back I headed over to APCO on N. Sheridan to find a product that I had heard great things about.

After seeing posts on Instagram about these liquid drink mixes by Mittie's Medicinals, I knew I had to try one.

They are

  • Full Spectrum

  • 20mg THC per packet

  • Nano Enhanced (fast acting)

Coming in a whopping $5 each, these are a STEAL.

These refreshers come in an array of flavors. I scored the black cherry and headed home to try it out.

As someone who is a little canna-sensitive I knew I would need to half this dose.

I ended up making myself a large glass of lemonade and mixing in the whole packet. I then poured that concoction in to another glass until both glasses were half full (or half empty?).

Saving the second dose for a later date, I added ice to my cup and proceeded to enjoy.

Let me tell you. This is one of the best products I have tried in a long time!

It tasted great, with just the faintest bit of cannabis taste at the end.

These refreshers are "Nano Enhanced", meaning they are fast-acting, especially for an edible.

Within 20 minutes I was beginning to feel a slight head change. The high gently settled over me from there.

Around an hour and a half after consumption I reached the peak of the high. Notably, this was just the right dose. I was not anxious. I felt relaxed and uplifted, very mellow, and a little munchie. I enjoyed my time being medicated. 4 hours after dosing I felt that I had mostly come down. It did make me feel a little tired, but not overwhelmingly.

Overall I loved this product so much that I went back the next week and bought more of them!

Christian Stark (The Canna Guardian) suggested that we try the "Pure Mary Jane" with iced coffee. Can confirm! That is an excellent choice. It gave overall mostly the same effects of the black cherry flavor.


Taste: 5 stars

Overall Effects: 5 stars

10/10 would buy again!


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