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Mittie's Medicinals Refresher

A couple Fridays back I headed over to APCO on N. Sheridan to find a product that I had heard great things about.

After seeing posts on Instagram about these liquid drink mixes by Mittie's Medicinals, I knew I had to try one.

They are

  • Full Spectrum

  • 20mg THC per packet

  • Nano Enhanced (fast acting)

Coming in a whopping $5 each, these are a STEAL.

These refreshers come in an array of flavors. I scored the black cherry and headed home to try it out.

As someone who is a little canna-sensitive I knew I would need to half this dose.

I ended up making myself a large glass of lemonade and mixing in the whole packet. I then poured that concoction in to another glass until both glasses were half full (or half empty?).

Saving the second dose for a later date, I added ice to my cup and proceeded to enjoy.