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What's in my stash?

Here are some of my favorite things that I currently have in rotation.


Killer Cupcake - for sleep and pain relief.

Pink Cookies - for motivation and socializing.


Rove 2:1 (CBD :THC)

I keep this on me at all times. It is perfect for on-the-go. Great for pain relief and relaxation. Due to the CBD to THC ratio this is perfect to medicate with, without getting too high.

Smoking devices:

Silicone 2 chamber bong - I got this as a gift forever ago. It's a smooth hit and can't break!

Dugout - Perfect for on the go. With the pinch hitter included it's all-in-one, inconspicuous and easy to use.

Available in the TWR shop!

Favorite accessories:

Narwhal Debowler! I literally love this thing. The base is made out of silicone, meaning you can't accidentally knock it off your desk, and if you did it wouldn't break! The best part is that the narwhals metal horn is used as a bowl scraper. No more paperclips needed to clean your bowl out!

Limited quantities avaliable in the TWR shop.

My prize possession! I created this cannabis journal as a place to log all the different products I try. Now, I never forget strain/product or how it makes me feel! Available in the TWR shop in physical copy and digital download.

Do you love the TWR?

Help support us by shopping CBD, smoking accessories, and apparel in our shop!

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