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Elevated Fitness

If you haven't been to Elevated Fitness at 31st and Sheridan, you're missing out! This fitness studio is a judgement-free zone. Class offerings include dance fitness, fit camp, Zumba, and yoga. With a medication lounge; cannabis is not only accepted, but encouraged.

Owners Heather and Kenna have created a safe place to focus on personal health, community, and connection.

When I say this is a judgment-free zone, I mean it. Going to a fitness class as a plus-size person can be nerve-wracking. At Elevated Fitness the students and instructors are more than welcoming.

One Sunday I popped into Canna Guardian Christian Stark's yoga class. She was so sweet and personable as she led us in a session. Her class is great for all experience levels or lack thereof. I left feeling stretched out and ready for the day.

If you go to the dance fitness class with Heather and Kenna, don't worry about missing a step. They keep it fun with smiles and good vibes all around.

Each class session usually ranges between $5-$10. Affordable and worth it!

You don't even need your own equipment. They have mats and weights available for everyone to use.

Be sure to lookout for special themed fitness classes and events. Last year I attended a glow-in-the-dark Zumba class and it was a blast! They also rent their studio space out for events.

Take a hit and get fit over at Elevated Fitness, you wont regret it!

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