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Uterpia 2:1 Tincture

After taking a hiatus from medical marijuana my tolerance was shot. I noticed smoking flower was too much for me. It seemed it didn't matter what the strain was, I would get anxious or super sleepy. I was looking for something new to find relief. I was recommended this product by a budtender at Green Country Bud near 91st & Yale in Tulsa and it has been my go-to ever since.

This product is a 2:1 meaning it has twice as much CBD as it does THC. This bottle is 1500MG. Which was, if memory serves, was around $70 at the time. I purchased this in the middle of 2020. I am fairly certain, at the time, they also had a 700MG bottle for around $35. However, prices and product availability may have changed.

Depending on the day, my dosage usually ranges from about .50ml (17mg CBD : 8mg THC) to .75ml (25mg CBD : 13mg THC). Usually within 15 minutes after consumption I begin to feel relaxed. The tightness in my shoulders begins to soften, and my anxiety slips into ease. When I stick to a lower dose, I do not feel a head high at all. Just clarity and ease of being. If I choose to dose a little more then I notice my feeling of ease heightens into the slightest of head high over about an hour's time.

This product has been a life-saver. I love the way it resolves my anxiety and helps with physical pain.

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