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Mimosa Creek CBD Beverages

Mimosa Creek reached out to me the other day to see if I would be interested in trying and reviewing a couple of their products. A beverage has not made it's way onto the TWR yet, so this seemed like a great opportunity!

They sent me an adorable PR Package that included;


Violet Mango Seltzer

CBD - 20MG

I will preface this to say that I am not the biggest seltzer fan.

Due to that fact, I will also be including my husband's thoughts on this, as he does appreciate a good seltzer.

For me, it tasted like... seltzer. There was no weird bitterness or aftertaste. The taste was citrusy, light, and refreshing. This product is unsweetened and contains no sugar substitutes.

When my husband tried this product, he immediately exclaimed "This is really good, it's better than Lacroix. This might be the best seltzer I've ever had."

We shared this can, getting about 10mg of CBD each. As a daily CBD consumer I didn't feel any effects. My husband did feel relaxed and chill after drinking this.


Me - 2.5 stars (I just don't like seltzer)

Husband - 4.5 stars, would drink again.


Pineapple Vanilla Soda

CBD - 25mg

This one reminds me of a Pina Colada, just without the coconut.

It is quite sweet. I do detect a little bit of a medicine-like aftertaste. It's not overwhelming, but it's there. I highly recommend drinking this one on ice. Once cold and a little diluted this beverage is much better than straight out of the can.

After drinking this 25mg can in its entirety I felt relaxed with less tension in my back and body.

I feel this would be great for drinking socially, especially as an alcohol replacement.


Over Ice - 3.5 stars


Hawaiian Haze Hemp and Rose Pre-roll

Hemp - Less than 3% THC

I really enjoyed this product.

Packaged in a ecofriendly glass tube with cork stopper. This pre-roll had a light taste and burned evenly. You can definitely taste the rose, which gives it a floral aroma. Perfect for smoking when you want to relax but you don't want to get high. I felt ever-so-slightly elevated and at ease while smoking this product. The effects faded about 30 minutes after consuming. This is a product I would like to keep on hand.

Great for people who want to be a part of social smoking, but don't want THC.


4.5 stars

Overall, I was so glad to try these products! A big thanks to Mimosa Creek for reaching out and giving me these samples. They also have CBG and Delta 8 beverages available.

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