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Granddaddy Purple

Purchased at: Mari Med (Owasso)

Price: $12/gram

Strain Type: Sativa Hybrid

Consumption Method: Water Pipe


Though, visually this bud seems to be lacking in it's signature purple color, it still is a great smoke! For me, two inhales of this flower is enough! It starts out as pleasant and energetic, giving me motivation. Then it fades into a chill and relaxed feeling. When I went to try this bud for the first time I had gotten off work early and was feeling 50/50 between catching up on housework or taking a nap. After medicating with this Granddaddy Purple, I decided cleaning the house was a better idea (RARE!). Once my chores were caught up and I sat down to rest, I could feel the heaviness start to sink in. After that, It was time to chill and watch some TV.

I feel like this bud is almost on a timer. It flips the switch from a motivating sativa to chill-out indica after about 30 mins. It makes my mildly sleepy, but mostly just... Chill!

motivated, creative, - heady, relaxed

Purchased at: Mari Med (Owasso)
Graddaddy Purple

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