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Purchased at: Medijuana

Price: Battery pack - $28.00

3 Ml Cartridge - $70.00

Total: $98.00 (tax included)

Strain Type: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa

THC Level: 100%


I set out on Friday to buy a vape pen. I have been to multiple dispensaries around town and have passively price-checked vapes during my other adventures. I knew going in, that Medijuana had the highest THC level, and price. But moreover, the reason I chose to go there, and not somewhere cheaper, was entirely based on how legit the hardware looked.

At other dispensaries cartridges seem to run about $55-$65 with varying THC levels. The battery-packs at other locations are in a "pen" style. Which have a reputation for bad battery life. Generally, I felt investing in a better complete product was the way to go. When I asked the ladies at Medijuana about the battery life, the clerk told me she uses it around 3 nights a week and hasn't charged it yet, in the month that she's had it.

I was told that the amount of product in the cartridge is enough for about 2 weeks for a regular user. The cartridge is supposed to be leak proof, so you can keep it in your pocket, or lay it on a table. The battery comes in 2 color options, black and this kind of oil-spill-pinkish color.

Right now, they only stock one strain in the cartridges, I will have to follow up on the name of the strain but I am fairly sure it has 'banana cream' in it.

So far, I am LOVING this vape. It is stylish and durable. There is no tell-tale odor, and the taste is pleasant and vaguely fruity-sweet. I can't really taste any marijuana in it at all. The strain makes me feel relaxed and helps my anxiety. It doesn't really help much with pain though. It tends to make me quiet and thoughtful. You could easily take a nap while using this strain, but it doesn't make me overwhelmingly sleepy.

The battery and cartridge together is about 1" wide and 3.5" tall. It easily fits in the hand and in the pocket. The draw is smooth and produces a vape cloud every time. This will be great to have on the go, especially for ease of use and lack of odor.

Calm, quiet, helps anxiety

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