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Rove Remedies Full 2:1 Vape

Rove Remedies Vape Cart

Full 2:1 ( CBD - 58.6% : THC - 30.4%)

This isn't my first time trying a Rove 2:1 vape. I have tried their Mango previously, which ended up being my go-to vape until it ran out. The nice thing about these 2:1 vapes is that you reap the medicinal benefits, without such and intense high.

In comparison to the Mango, this vape is a little heavier behind the eyes. It definitely makes me feel relaxed physically and mentally. After two short puffs the noise and anxieties inside my mind grow quiet. I am able to concentrate on a TV Show, or do a physical task without much thought. Doing something that requires more effort of the mind (like writing a blog post) is a little more challenging.

About an hour or so after consumption, I feel like taking a nap but I am not overwhelmingly tired.

So for me, this something I would enjoy most during an evening at home. When I am ready to turn off and tune out. I imagine in a social situation this vape would leave me ready to go home an get in my PJs.

It is also worth mentioning that all Rove products come with a QR code on the packaging. If you download the app and scan the code you get access to product information, a patient log, and rove rewards. The app is impressive. It has recommended dosing, as well as a spot where you can log your doses and the effects.

Overall, I am not disappointed with this product, and I think it might come in handy on days where my anxiety is particularly bad.

Also, I love that the vape cart itself is clearly labeled as 2:1.

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