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Purchased at: simply plus Price: $12/ gram Strain type: indica dom hybrid Consumption method: glass pipe Anything ros`e just sounds fancy doesn't it? Well this fancy pink hued strain is just that! What started as a whoopsies by accidentally cross fertilizing a female zkittles plant turned out to be an amazing strain. The other parent plant is unknown as the original growers said they had no males at the time. Weird right?! Well no, it just means there was hermaphroditism in the room that made the seed.

I will say, it isnt the heaviest on head change. Its more of a body high experience as its lower in thc but higher in cbd and thca. As for the smell, it has a rose water aroma, which is where the name came from. The taste is phenomenal. Earthy/floral. However it tends to be on the harsher side and caused me to cough and i never ever cough while smoking. If you can get me to cough then im impressed. The color!!! Can we talk about the color for a second? Mine came a dusty rose color but can have purple hues in it as well. It's absolutely gorgeos in color. For me i was looking for something to help with my insomnia, as i am bipolar1 with acute anxiety. This lovely flower had a wonderful relaxing effect on me. It really calmed my nerves and left me feeling not so stuck in my thoughts. I did notice some back pain relief as well.Once i was laid down i had a little more and was able to close my eyes and quickly drift off. I usually use my r.s.o. at night to help me stay asleep, but i wanted to test the strain. I'll admit i was shocked when the next thing i knew i was being woken by my fiance leaving for work this morning. All in all i give it an 8 out of 10 only because of the harsh throat hits. Relaxing, anxiety, pain relief

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