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Peanut Butter Cookie - 20mg

Purchased at: OHG+

Price: $17.00 for a 40mg cookie

Dose: 1/2 of the cookie = 20mg


I tried this cookie on a Friday night around 8:30pm. This edible experience was profoundly different from the experience I had with the 10mg gummies. In true edible fashion, this cookie took quite a while for the full effects to set in. And much like a roller coaster, once you're on that ride there is no getting off.

Taste: This cookie definitely tasted 'green'. The peanut butter cookie part of it was good, but there is no denying that it is a marijuana edible.

Time Line:

8:30PM: Consumed roughly 20mg or 1/2 of cookie

8:40PM: I began to feel bloated.

9:10PM: The headache I had was gone. My hands and feet began to feel very cold. A mild head high set in.

10PM: I started feeling the full effect of the high. I was still cold, and a little sleepy. I had a mild body high. I began to get an intense head high.

11:10PM: I felt the head high coming down. I had the munchies and was still sleepy. At this point I was no longer cold.

11:30PM: In my notes at this time, all I have written is "heavily medicated".

At this point I had a snack, watched some cartoons and went to sleep.

As edibles tend to do, my experience was that the high occurred in peaks and valleys. Just when you'd think you were coming down, you'd go back up again.


This 20mg of cookie was enough to sufficiently eff me up. It is not something that I personally would want to do on a regular basis, but not altogether unpleasant. Also, this cookie made me incredibly bloated and gassy... I'm not sure if it was my stomach reacting to the marijuana or what... but, I think that it is important information to pass along.

I felt fully impaired and wouldn't prefer to do it anywhere but on my own couch.

Definitely make sure you have a clear schedule before consuming edibles such as this, 3 hours after eating I still felt entirely high. Also, make sure any responsibilities you have are secured (homework is done, kids are in bed, etc..). I was still able to function, walk, talk, cook, without any impairment, but I absolutely would not drive a car.

As with the gummies, the price is a little high. However, I would expect it to come down some as more dispensaries start getting edibles in.

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