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Making Medicine at Home

Written by: Tory K.

From skeptic to patient

Why did it take me 33 years of life to learn cannabis was self care?

I shamed and mocked my husband for at least a year before I became comfortable with it.

I’m so glad he started first and I saw how he acted “high.” It was (and still is!) night and day difference from him drinking alcohol.

It was the first time I realized “this isn’t the devils lettuce!”

Looking back now, I understand he was employing the plant for HIS self care.

It’s also my currently favorite self care method. I am a 33 year old mom to two young children, aged 6 and 3. I am a college professor and stay at home mom. I’m so glad the stigma surrounding this plant is gone for me, and I am on a mission to persuade others to, at minimum, destigmatize it.

Over the last 9-10 months, I have tried various strains for various ailments. I particularly enjoy making my own infused coconut oil using the Magical Butter machine and a small, compact, decarbing machine, the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator.

Making my own medicine

Along with infused coconut oil, I also enjoy making my own Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) using my Green Oil Machine (GOM).

Although I can’t fully explain the wonders of FECO in comparison to every other method of consumption, I can take FECO and then take my infused coconut oil of the same strain, and have different medical effects.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear people ask about certain strains for certain ailments, and unfortunately, in Oklahoma, we are left to fend for ourselves and self experiment. There is a lack of knowledge on specific strains, and terpenes for specific ailments and I hope I can have a small role in bridging that gap.

I have used Daydream FECO for anti inflammatory relief, Blueberry FECO for anxiety and pain relief, and CBDiesel infused coconut oil for anti inflammatory relief.

The infused coconut oil is very easy to make. After decarbing the flower, I will place 2 cups organic virgin coconut oil in the Magical Butter Machine, add the decarbed flower, and turn it on the oil setting at 165°F, for 2-4 hours. When it is done, I strain the oil into a glass jar and place in the fridge. I take 1-2 tsp at a time, usually orally, and rinse with a drink. You can also cook with this or make edibles.

CBDiesel Infused Coconut Oil

The genetics on this is Harlequin x Turbo Diesel, and although I’ve never tried Turbo Diesel, Harlequin is my #1 strain since I use mainly for pain and inflamma

The first time I took this oil, I needed some energy to work. Initially, my cheeks start getting flushed and I sneezed twice. I realized it was the CBDiesel and it has some kind of anti inflammatory effect in my sinuses! A friend who had tried the same strain and made oil, sent me this testimonial:

“That stuff drained me!!! I have some HUGE cystic zits under both ear lobes after that(oil) and I really think it could be from that. Not even zits just huge swollen something's in there.” So, it’s probably safe to say there’s some kind of anti-inflammatory goodness in there. I’ll also say it makes my arms cold.

This is interesting to me because some strains make me hot (feet tingling and hands tingling warmth). When your hands and feet are warm, it’s vasodilation which is great for high blood pressure and circulatory issues. However, when your extremities get cold, your blood flow is being directed to your central body, organ circulation.

The more I use this plant and its various forms, the greater appreciation I have for its medical benefits and boost in mental health. I have such a greater appreciation for daytime and nighttime strains and every one in between.

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Stay tuned for more reviews as Tory K. talks about making her own Full Extract Cannabis Oils (FECO).

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