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How do you get your Medical Marijuana card?

My first-hand account on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana application process.

Where do you go?

To get your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma you have to go to an accredited medical facility. I had a very positive experience at Evolved Health and Wellness in Broken Arrow.

What do you need?

I walked into Evolved Health around lunchtime in the middle of a weekday without an appointment. At the front desk I showed the lady my ID and paid $125.00 referral fee. She put my name on a list and handed me some paperwork to fill out. The paperwork looked pretty similar to what you fill out at every doctors office.

What should you expect?

I sat in the full waiting room and filled out the application. It included some medical history (though I did not have to bring in my medical records) as well as what I wanted to treat with cannabis and if I was currently using it. I answered all of the questions honestly.

I waited for around an hour before I was called back to see Dr. Brandon Bailey. I waited about another 10 minutes in his office before he came in. When Dr. Bailey saw me he was upbeat, professional, and quick. He asked me what I chiefly wanted to treat with cannabis, which I stated was chronic sciatic nerve pain. He said "Good, well I'd rather you treat it with cannabis instead of opiods." Then, he signed my Dr. referral and sent me on my mari-way.

What do you do after you have your referral?

I have a friend that had already gotten her medical card, so I went to her house directly after my Dr. visit. She helped me though the online application and the ID picture process. You have to create an account on the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) website, and scan in your drivers license and Dr. referral. You also have to upload a picture that meets passport regulations. In your picture you must be in front of a white background, have your hair behind your ears, no glasses, and no smile.

To file your online application with the state you have to pay another $105.00.

How long did it take?

It took maybe an hour to do the online application with picture and file scans. After the application was submitted it took about a week and a half for me to receive my approval email. The email stated that I was approved for a medical marijuana card and it should arrive in the mail soon. Sure enough, a few days later it was in my mailbox! From start to finish the it took about two weeks to get my medical card in my hands.

As a patient.

The process was quick and easy, and I have no complaints! The total price tag to be a licensed medical marijuana patient was $230.00, which while expensive, is completely worth it!

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very nice and informative. thank you!

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