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Gummies - 10mg

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Purchased from: OHG+

Dose: comes in a pack of 4, 10-15mg gummies.

Price: $10

Rating: 👍👍


The dispensary said that these gummies are made with coconut oil, making them quick-acting. A few minutes after consuming one gummy I could feel a marked difference. Though the effects are mild I did feel more relaxed and my sciatic nerve pain was eased. There wasn't much of a head change to speak of, but creativity flowed more easily. For me, as a daily patient, 10mg was just enough to chill me out a little without impairing me.

While I did enjoy these gummies, and will probably keep them in my rotation, the price seems a little high. I imagine that's because most dispensaries don't have a variety of edibles yet. I expect the price will come down later.

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