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Gorilla Glue #4

Purchased at: Route 66 Cannabis and Clones

Price: $11-$13/gram

Strain Type: Sativa Hybrid

Consumption Method: Pinch Hitter, Water Pipe


This bud smells bright and grassy. When smoked the taste is something not unlike it's namesake. Take it easy when smoking, as it can be a harsh hit.

I had to test this strain a few different times to try and really pin down the affects. The first time trying this strain was after a bad day. I was feeling moderately depressed and I was starting to come down with a cold. Upon first use, I felt my depression eased mildly. I could feel a significant head change with mild dizziness. Overall after medicating I felt generally upbeat, but not necessarily motivated.

The second day of use I was in the thick of my newly developed head-cold. After medicating my body felt less achy, and I felt generally less miserable. Enough in fact, that I actually had the willpower and energy to cook an involved dinner (stuffed crescent rolls, and tomato soup). Where before medicating I was truly hoping a frozen pizza a would magically appear in front of me. I was hungry before medicating, but I will note that I was quite hungrier after.

Also noted, while this Gorilla Glue #4 did ease my aches and put me in a decent mood, it does tend to make me a little sleepy.

Gorilla Glue #4

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