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Black Diesel

Purchased from: Medijuana Pharm

Price: $10.00/gram

Strain: Hybrid - 70% Sativa - 30% Indica

Consumption method: Water Pipe


At first glance this flower seemed unimpressive. The bud looked compact and brownish. After grinding the flower I loaded it into my bowl and lit it up. On this day my sciatic nerve pain was particularly bad. I am not typically a wake-and-baker, and since I was consuming in the morning I limited my dose to one inhale... That was probably a good idea because this stuff is strong!

Definitely "one hit shit".

There was a notable head change for me. This strain is great for creativity... It was actually my first time trying this strain when I had the idea to create this whole website and blog. For me, this strain makes me; creative, giggly, happy, and relaxed. However, it does make me a little sleepy. Not so much a get up and do things bud, but more of a sit and talk about ideas bud.

After two inhales via water-pipe I would classify myself as impaired and would not drive a car.

Overall, very good!

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